Now You've Gone 'n Killed Me

Now You’ve Gone ‘n Killed Me: True Stories of Crime, Passion and Ballroom Dancing by Lin Sampson
Oshun, 2005 – Crime – 199 pages

The author goes where we all wish we had the guts to explore – not war zones or jungles, but what’s strange and singular around us. The author will ask a dominatrix what her typical day is like; speak to the mother of a murderer about the little boy she once bathed; or take up a partner at a ‘gat jol’. She is our voyeur. If you’ve ever been inquisitive about an aspect of South African life, Lin has probably been there. Many of the stories collected in this title of she’s published feature articles are timeless in their insights into people and places. Others capture the spirit of particular moments in South Africa’s history through intimate interactions that cannot be experienced again. All will take you deeper into the fascinating fringes of our society. Have you ever wondered: What happened to your heroes from the old photo comics? Why did Lawrence van Blerk help his girlfriend kill her mother? How do you become a baroness without a drop of blue blood?